Sunday, December 27, 2009


i made this drawing as a present for my roomate. it's all pink! bad pic, bad cropping, bad angle

alligator tat

here is the crocodile tattoo i did this morning on my dear Marco. He showed up at my house at 4am after his show, asked me to feed him pasta, then passed out in a split second while i was completely awake, and finally woke up at 9am to get tattooed before departure.
He wanted a silly crocodile tattoo with sunglasses, as a tribute to the tour he just finished with Crocodiles around USA, Europe and Mexico. Originally he wanted the alligator to be wearing a sombrero and have a slice of pizza but eventually we only kept the sunglasses. I drew a bunch of flash for him but he kept saying he wanted something more stupid! I ended up stealing a crocodile from the simpson. I think it came out cute!

Friday, December 11, 2009

hey you the rock steady crew

today i tattooed this on my sweet roommate/best friend Fede; we decided the subject last night and i sketched it out . then i woke her up, fed her soy yogurt with cereals and made her lay on the kitchen table for 3 hours. awesome. everyone says it feels b-boy style heheh- this is the best tattoo i've done so far, im very excited. more coming, yo!