Thursday, May 27, 2010

spring update

hey hey
it's been interesting on a mental level. I'll post some more about these complex Philo/Psycho concerns later on.
For now: here are some pics of recent tattoos i've done + some sillly flash.
Im gonna tattoo the Love All Serve All mantra in Script in the shape of a swastika on my beautiful Amiciclista (bike buddy) Ale next week.
Im also getting myself a tribute tattoo to my dog, Tommaso.
The tattoos were all mega fun..Alessia got a butterfly during the one week she jumped in Milan and back to NY. Gianluca got a Pirate Skull, we are still working on it, need to put in the hat and skull color + some details. Elia got a book with alphabet cubes spelling Blah, which is what he does in his radio program on Gwendaline Radio...he blahs a lot.
A glove holding bloody love letters that I tattooed on my own leg last week. Still have to color the glove and the envelopes.

What else: im working on a Vegan Recipes Book, it's gonna be fully illustrated and well articulated in delight.

That's it for now.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

new tatsss

today i tattooed my first sailor jerry design and i was very excited about it. I am happy about the way it came out, I think I did a very delicate job with the lines and shading. I previously tattooed a rose on the other forearm of Francesco, and they look very nicely together. Francesco is super nice and always a pleasure to work with, he's super chilled and trusts me completely. He works in the Fruits&Vegetables market and brought me a huge basket of asparagus and strawberries as a tip! AWESOME, uh?
The other one is the linework for the victorian bunny riding a bike on my dear friend Meaghan. We'll finish it up in June when she'll bless the Italian shores with her lovely presence.
More to come soon!