Tuesday, November 20, 2012

about a girl

Here the renewed awareness of the low gear in my updates. Life flows in contemporary tales of Romanticism + open wounds as a daily practice + painting galore + Svadhyaya. Here some new images of the mentioned life process from august until now. Here my thank you for the interest. -Chapter 1: Aaran Islands, Ireland, and the Death of One Love.
-Chapter 2: London Tate Modern. Damien Hirst. His work is questionable but interesting.
-Chapter 3: I own classy objects.
-Chapter 4: Bugs are cool. Very old painting of a bug, detail.
-Chapter 5:San Bernardino alle Ossa, Milano.
-Chapter 6: Barcelona Tattoo Convention September 2012
-Chapter 7: me and mr. Brian Thomas Wilson guests at Ten Bells Tattoo, Rome, so much fun, so much food.
-Chapter 8: Happy Halloween
-Chapter 9: I've been printing personalized shirts for babies, because it is adorable.
-Chapter 10: fall has come, in order to please me.
-Chapter 11: sneak peeks. Detail from my drawing for the Permanent Collection of donated pieces at Namaste Tattoo Shop, Turin, Italy. Opening Party December 8th, please come. + Detail from a portrait of the marvelous Anna and her boyfriend in the shape of a "carlino" and a capybara. She is a great photographer, we did trade paintings for photos of myself dressed in vegetables, pretty fucking amazing. Too bad you'll never see the pictures.
-Chapter 12: fresh wounds in technicolor.