Saturday, January 21, 2012

Friday, January 20, 2012

drawing process

I was drawing a poster for a Guttermouth+Grizzly Motor OIl show in march but then Guttermouth canceled the tour, so fuck off my poster. I still liked the idea so i kept playing with it while in bed with a close friend of cholera, it's a full disaster here. Also, i will save the ink drawing and make it a tattoo flash that you might see at some point. From start to finish, here it goes: sketched and inked on crappy transparent paper. just because it was the first and only piece of paper i found (it wouldn't lay down properly, kept folding, goddamn). poorly threw some black and greys with tombo markers. photographed and imported into photoshop for colors. tranfered over the picture of a happy family (they are just pretending). added a touch of social criticism to the recipe. buon appetito

from A as A...... to O as Owl

some not necessarily recent tattoos.