Tuesday, November 20, 2012

about a girl

Here the renewed awareness of the low gear in my updates. Life flows in contemporary tales of Romanticism + open wounds as a daily practice + painting galore + Svadhyaya. Here some new images of the mentioned life process from august until now. Here my thank you for the interest. -Chapter 1: Aaran Islands, Ireland, and the Death of One Love.
-Chapter 2: London Tate Modern. Damien Hirst. His work is questionable but interesting.
-Chapter 3: I own classy objects.
-Chapter 4: Bugs are cool. Very old painting of a bug, detail.
-Chapter 5:San Bernardino alle Ossa, Milano.
-Chapter 6: Barcelona Tattoo Convention September 2012
-Chapter 7: me and mr. Brian Thomas Wilson guests at Ten Bells Tattoo, Rome, so much fun, so much food.
-Chapter 8: Happy Halloween
-Chapter 9: I've been printing personalized shirts for babies, because it is adorable.
-Chapter 10: fall has come, in order to please me.
-Chapter 11: sneak peeks. Detail from my drawing for the Permanent Collection of donated pieces at Namaste Tattoo Shop, Turin, Italy. Opening Party December 8th, please come. + Detail from a portrait of the marvelous Anna and her boyfriend in the shape of a "carlino" and a capybara. She is a great photographer, we did trade paintings for photos of myself dressed in vegetables, pretty fucking amazing. Too bad you'll never see the pictures.
-Chapter 12: fresh wounds in technicolor.

Sunday, September 23, 2012


just a little catching up with few recent tattoos

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

evocation of shakti plus a portrait of modernity

I made 2 paintings! 1- Parvati. Acrylic Pencil and Oil on wood. The admirable team Viola Von Hell+Ilaria Beltramme brought to life an interesting show of international female tattoo artists, paying a visual homage to the feminine/divine in different cultures. Loretta Leu wrote an interesting introduction on the show catalog, available at Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, Roma. Here is the link: http://www.mondobizzarrogallery.com/exhibition.asp?ID=114 I was assigned Parvati. With great pleasure, through the constant thread of whispers from my fresh memories on India, I made her 2D-alive. Parvati is a complex deity (as any deity in the indian pantheon) involving many different characteristics, depending on her incarnation...on the most basic definition, she is the female half of shiva. They are 2 in 1. Male and Female as a whole. They also exist separately but have a regular sex-life and they are proud parents of Ganesh, little kid-god with a elephant head (another good story, go read something about indian mythology, it's fascinating). They represent family, procreation, creation and the force of life. Shiva is more powerful as a whole deity, but Parvati is eclectic and multitasks her abilities and attitudes in many different specific incarnations of herself..kali, lakshmi, durga, etc. I choose to represent the Shakti in Parvati. Shakti, that seduction of our spine, that tremor streaming from the g-point chakra up to that eye-lined third eye and above; and then back down, bleeding, and eventually breathing new life out of a gravid womb. The feminine force in its most terribly beautiful attributes.I wanted my goddess to be ONE OF US: so there she is, not so much divine, more of a daily moment in a shakti body. The tattoo on her leg is the head of Ganesh, I thought it would be cute for her to have a tattoo dedicated to her baby. On her chest I opted for a fancy script with the Om Namah Shivaya mantra, a tribute to her lover. Brought a crazy golden skirt i purchased in India from a taylor for about 50 cents, out of the closet, and reproduced the fabric pattern...I love that skirt!! I love everything gold and shiny! I thought it would become a nice graphic effect. I adorned her with the beautiful earrings from THAT day in Mamallapuram (only M. knows what I mean, and that's ok). The conch shell is often depicted as one of the sacred tools and objects in Parvati's hands (for many symbolic reasons). Given the resemblance of the conch with a vagina, I though it would fit the theme of Parvati/Shakti. I could represent sexuality and female desire without being too graphic but, i hope, being poetic and evocative. The decision to crop it in such an awkward way and to give it an unusual point of view, came from the experience with a previous old series of paintings that I wanted to evoke in the format. Of course I gave it a golden decorated frame. In the back I wrote a mantra in sanskrit, it blesses and protects marriages and relationships and it is typical in Parvati Temples. Pretty happy with it. 2- A normal life for me, acrylic, collage and pen on illustration board. For the Ladies Ladies!! Show, in Brooklyn (opening may 17). Elvia Iannaccone Gezlev, italian/ny based tattoo artist, organized the second edition of a successful ladies show. A bunch of Tattoo artists on a free theme. I wanted to go for something more graphic, tattoo/poster inspired for this one. A realistic portrait of a modern happy normal family. I had a lot of fu with it. I will soon add photos of the details, I added some sparkly diamonds to enrich the texture. here is a link to the show: http://www.facebook.com/groups/353405038040424/ www.tattooculture.net Enjoy :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Hi! Here is the italian press release for the VIS DEARUM show in Rome, Italy at Mondo Bizzarro Gallery.
Check it out if you have a chance, May 2-27 2012

Dal 2 al 27 Maggio 2012
Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, via Reggio Emilia 32 c/d, 00198, Roma
tel. 06/44247451

Diciotto artiste, diciotto tatuatrici, diciotto dee. Vis dearum (la forza delle dee) è la nuova collettiva
che ospiterà la gallery romana Mondo Bizzarro (www.mondobizzarrogallery.com) dal 2 al 27
maggio 2012.
Alla chiamata delle curatrici della mostra - Viola Von Hell, coadiuvata da Ilaria Beltramme - hanno
risposto diciotto fra le più note tatuatrici della scena mondiale, per partecipare a una nuova rassegna
in cui le donne che tatuano si raccontano, artisticamente, su tela o su carta.
Se con le Sante Peccatrici (www.santepeccatrici.com), collettiva di successo che ad oggi ha già
girato mezza Europa, si volevano accendere i riflettori sulle eccellenze femminili italiane nel mondo
del tatuaggio, giocando, al tempo stesso, sul tema sempre caro del Sacro (le sante) e del Profano (i
tattoos). Ora, Vis Dearum si prefigge di aggiungere un altro capitolo, cioè di guardare alle donne
che tatuano in tutto il Mondo, senza nulla togliere ai loro colleghi maschi, come a entità sacre e
archetipi del femminile: dee, appunto, dee pagane.
Diciotto valorose tatuatrici di caratura mondiale, si destreggeranno a colpi di pennello, china e
quant'altro per interpretare la forza della loro dea protettrice. Dalla mostra verrà pubblicato anche
un catalogo la cui introduzione è stata affidata alle parole di Loretta Leu, “Grande Madre” del
tatuaggio mondiale.

Le artiste partecipanti sono:

Rose Hardy (Australia)
Stephanie Tamez (USA)
Cecilia Granata (Italia)
Horiren (Giappone)
Claudia De Sabe (Inghilterra)
Deborah Necci (Italia)
Viola Von Hell (Italia)
Genziana (Italia/Mondo)
Miss Arianna (Italia)
Maria Roca (Spagna/Italia)
Angelique Houtkamp (Olanda)
Morg (Italia)
Anita Rossi (Italia)
Tiziana Sawyer (Olanda/USA)
Jo Harrison (Inghilterra)
Chantale Coady (Inghilterra)
Louise Schiffmacher (Olanda)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

GNAM !! ( YUMMY !!)

it's been a long while since i felt like getting a tattoo. I've been rolling in complexities (so called"seghe mentali") than can be summed up with a sort of conflict between my yogic pursue of full well being (even just on a physiological way) VS the tattoo act of wounding the body. I solved it when i realized than yoga is the most inclusive thing ever, and as long as i love tattooing for everything else it means (historically, sociologically, artistically, symbolically, psychologically and so on..) there is no conflict. Still, I didn't feel like getting tattooed. Yesterday I tattooed Sssh of a girl's finger and it totally made me feel like i wanted to get my finger tattooed. such a small scar ain't no problem, yo! In Italy when you eat something delicious you roll your index on the cheek and say GNAM! (yummy!) had this idea since a long while ago about getting that tattooed,since I just LOVE eating healthy and delicious food, but just never did it. finger today i woke up, wore a Vegan Treats t-shirt and asked my co-worker Christian HoundDog to get the shit done between 2 clients. Later on, I felt like I had to celebrate by baking a cake. Here are the proves.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Friday, January 20, 2012

drawing process

I was drawing a poster for a Guttermouth+Grizzly Motor OIl show in march but then Guttermouth canceled the tour, so fuck off my poster. I still liked the idea so i kept playing with it while in bed with a close friend of cholera, it's a full disaster here. Also, i will save the ink drawing and make it a tattoo flash that you might see at some point. From start to finish, here it goes: sketched and inked on crappy transparent paper. just because it was the first and only piece of paper i found (it wouldn't lay down properly, kept folding, goddamn). poorly threw some black and greys with tombo markers. photographed and imported into photoshop for colors. tranfered over the picture of a happy family (they are just pretending). added a touch of social criticism to the recipe. buon appetito