Thursday, March 8, 2012

GNAM !! ( YUMMY !!)

it's been a long while since i felt like getting a tattoo. I've been rolling in complexities (so called"seghe mentali") than can be summed up with a sort of conflict between my yogic pursue of full well being (even just on a physiological way) VS the tattoo act of wounding the body. I solved it when i realized than yoga is the most inclusive thing ever, and as long as i love tattooing for everything else it means (historically, sociologically, artistically, symbolically, psychologically and so on..) there is no conflict. Still, I didn't feel like getting tattooed. Yesterday I tattooed Sssh of a girl's finger and it totally made me feel like i wanted to get my finger tattooed. such a small scar ain't no problem, yo! In Italy when you eat something delicious you roll your index on the cheek and say GNAM! (yummy!) had this idea since a long while ago about getting that tattooed,since I just LOVE eating healthy and delicious food, but just never did it. finger today i woke up, wore a Vegan Treats t-shirt and asked my co-worker Christian HoundDog to get the shit done between 2 clients. Later on, I felt like I had to celebrate by baking a cake. Here are the proves.

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