Tuesday, May 19, 2009

tattoo pics -in the making-

tattoo #4
tattoo #5
photos from the tattoo session. i tattooed a lovely Never Again on my friend fede. she is beautiful. we did this small cursive lettering on her hips, she was chilled the all time and said i have a nice hand : )
i'll have to go back on the grey under-shadows..i was bit shy because i was not entirely sure how to mix black with water...other than that, i think it came out nice. it has good meaning too for her so i hope it will work out!
the next one was on her friend Davide who came all the way from Torino to get tattooed by me without knowing him..how cute! he was very brave too and asked me one of the flash i drew...an evil light bulb (you know, like hairy and stuff..) with the words Mala Idea...ON HIS CHEST!!! whoa
he sat down quiet and occasionally stared at my boobs while i tattooed him. he said he liked it too ; )
it was kind of a hard one because i didn't really know how to shade the inside of the bulb but i guess i'll just go back to it later and finish it up.
more coming soon

Friday, May 15, 2009

when dreams come true

so, yeah i started tattooing! i love it. the very first tattoo i made (in 10 years...i actually tattooed 2 friends 11 years ago but i guess it doesn't count) is the butterfly on my thigh. it needs to be colored..in a couple of weeks. i used 2 different needles. i took it straight it from a photo of a butterfly and transfered it on my skin so there is that natural irregularity on one wing that needs to be fixed as well, making it simmetrical. I actually drew a much better butterfly later that night so i'll get that tattooed underneath soon. i guess i was a bit impulsive and neurotic about grab the first piece of body and practice.
then i tattooed the severed tentacle on my friend. the pic is bad, i'll post better soon.
the next day i tattooed Piu' bici on my left foot. yoga helped me out a lot on this one. i was in a weird uncomfortable pose with no choices of angles for me to work from. I love yoga.
the tattoo means "more bikes" in italian. i will tattoo "meno cravatte" on the other foot next time. It means "less ties". i also have a cute drawing of a shirt collar to put above. adorable.
then there is a photo of me at the end of the first day.
tattooing is fun. im looking for people to experiment on, do you wanna play? write me.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

more on the skin surface

another flash sheet, im starting tattooing my own legs this weekend and wanted to go for something black&grey to start easy.
i'll do some of these designs.
bikes, yoga, activists, misfortune tellers and love stories told by dead men.