Friday, May 15, 2009

when dreams come true

so, yeah i started tattooing! i love it. the very first tattoo i made (in 10 years...i actually tattooed 2 friends 11 years ago but i guess it doesn't count) is the butterfly on my thigh. it needs to be a couple of weeks. i used 2 different needles. i took it straight it from a photo of a butterfly and transfered it on my skin so there is that natural irregularity on one wing that needs to be fixed as well, making it simmetrical. I actually drew a much better butterfly later that night so i'll get that tattooed underneath soon. i guess i was a bit impulsive and neurotic about grab the first piece of body and practice.
then i tattooed the severed tentacle on my friend. the pic is bad, i'll post better soon.
the next day i tattooed Piu' bici on my left foot. yoga helped me out a lot on this one. i was in a weird uncomfortable pose with no choices of angles for me to work from. I love yoga.
the tattoo means "more bikes" in italian. i will tattoo "meno cravatte" on the other foot next time. It means "less ties". i also have a cute drawing of a shirt collar to put above. adorable.
then there is a photo of me at the end of the first day.
tattooing is fun. im looking for people to experiment on, do you wanna play? write me.

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thomas pitilli said...

Steph was telling me about this, they look really great. I can't imagine how you got that one on yr foot, it must've hurt yr back just as much as yr foot! Great stuff.