Monday, March 24, 2008

Most likely, a corn syrup tsunami

Acrylic piece. Based on Electrocute's song "sugar buzz".

Chocolate cake lollipop caramel candy drops marshmallow; strawberry wild cherry jelly belly.

The malady of possess, we swallow everything we can reach and then vomit it in cyclopean mountains of garbage.

pop regimes

random old sketch

rats & sugar

Soon it's going to be my birthday. All I can think of is cake and death. Another nail in  the coffin, but I guess it's okay if that implies 6 inches of chocolate-flavored hydrogenated fats. 
old piece, acrylic on wood
the plague the plague, it comes pink and sprinkled 
"Le favole esistono!! Abbasso i guastafavole"

Sunday, March 23, 2008

meat is murder!!!

Also, on the easter note. Don't support the slaughter, you can have a scrumptious easter veggie feast. Let the lambs live, let respect be your drive. There is NOT a single valid reason to support the meat industry. Be kind. EAT BEANS NOT BEINGS!!!!!  
Chocolate is bad too, choose the dark one please.  It does taste better and it is blood and pus free.
Also, you should not celebrate easter to begin with.  

"The Christian resolve to find the world evil and ugly, has made the world evil and ugly"
F. Nietzsche


So today is easter. The day that, according to the myth, Jesus Christ turned into a zombie and started his long lasting habit of feeding on human brains. Too bad. 
To stay on the theme, here is a ooooold piece, part of a 12 months calendar. It's April but the idea was Easter. Frankenstein bunny-cat and dark chocolate egg, good package I say. 
As usual, it is painted with acrylic and pencil on wood. 
The all series was based on a combination between the visual content derived from Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (plus the cinematographic translations of it) and the popular cheesy kittens calendar imagery. The attempt was to mix the typical cliches, month by month, with elements from the novel, in order to make a sensible dialogue between the two. 
I was considering the general virus-like spread quest for cuteness (and the nauseous illusory optimism that follows) adopted by this society to protect a rotting substrate of lies, hypocrisy and fears.  Dangerous attitude, it relies on ignorance and promotes it as a comfortable lifestyle.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

dance today

-"to hear something new is hard and painful to the ear. We hear the music of foreigners badly" I make the sounds that you can't understand-this is my critique! this is my subversion! this is my revolution! I make the sounds that you can't understand. My fingers, my voice slide into every orifice. You (I) own these words. This is friendship. That's what friends are for. I am Nietzsche!-
Hand drawn, inked, scanned and colored in with photoshop. I also made a silkscreen version that sucks. 

Friday, March 21, 2008

For the sake of intelligence

Here is a recent work. I am honestly not too happy with it, I feel it's too simple of a composition, and probably even of a concept, just all there, in your face. No brain gymnastic is required, it just goes as far as you see it.  Oh well, sometimes all you need is the taste of a  fist-broken mouth.  And to thank Germs, "we must bleed"
I've been recently dealing with ideas that consider a craving for collapse as the only healthy attitude. 
To indulge over the perspectives of a sick civilization's decline, to pray for the event that will reverse the course of misdemeanors; to resist the claims of a culture that defines itself as humanity without the basis to afford it. 
we are fucked up.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


"beauty is unbearable, drives us to despair, offering us for a minute the glimpse of an eternity that we should like to stretch out over the whole of time"

"guns AND peanut butter"