Sunday, March 23, 2008


So today is easter. The day that, according to the myth, Jesus Christ turned into a zombie and started his long lasting habit of feeding on human brains. Too bad. 
To stay on the theme, here is a ooooold piece, part of a 12 months calendar. It's April but the idea was Easter. Frankenstein bunny-cat and dark chocolate egg, good package I say. 
As usual, it is painted with acrylic and pencil on wood. 
The all series was based on a combination between the visual content derived from Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (plus the cinematographic translations of it) and the popular cheesy kittens calendar imagery. The attempt was to mix the typical cliches, month by month, with elements from the novel, in order to make a sensible dialogue between the two. 
I was considering the general virus-like spread quest for cuteness (and the nauseous illusory optimism that follows) adopted by this society to protect a rotting substrate of lies, hypocrisy and fears.  Dangerous attitude, it relies on ignorance and promotes it as a comfortable lifestyle.

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