Friday, January 29, 2010


i like suitcases

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Semantically quoting Gustave Courbet.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Painting: A Portrait

Here's my newest work of paint, I was commissioned a portrait. When I told my friend Ashley she said it was a very unusual commission, but apparently in Italy it's pretty common to have paintings/drawings describing you/your family/ancestors.
So anyway, my roommate's mom, after giving her body in my hands for tattoo practices, she also asked me to basically trade 2 months worth of rent for a painting of her. Trade mega rules.
She wanted it "cecilia's style" but without the creepy/skull-like things. She agreed for the weird twist though. I asked topics she liked and/or liked to see painted with her, and we came up with reading books quietly and country flowers. She posed, I made the flowers into her, inspired by the Anatomy Atlas by Taschen Editions that I've been consulting obsessively.
((if any of you out there, ever wants to give me a present, go here and buy or shoplift it for me))
G. wanted the book to be H.Roth "call it sleep" so i researched the first publication of the novel and echoed the cover's design. I added some tattoo-derived decorations (art nouveau marvels) around the head, crowns of rays and pearls...
Even though you are never supposed to sign a painting, like buddhist artists teach, I signed inside a coffeecup stamp that i bought in portland, OR, just because i tough it was cute and fun.
I also like that i don't have to worry about rent for the next 2 months.