Tuesday, May 20, 2008

stage dives make me feel more alive

Another Time Out job....they called me up on tuesday night and needed the final by thursday morning. I am getting pretty fast, I sketched it out in couple of hours and colored it the next afternoon. I even had time to go for a walk in the park and for my yoga class! 
The commission was just about NY music shows in the summer, so of course I turned it into a HC manifesto. 
Fun fact,  people really DO stage diving over pool toys in Italy. I think it's annoying most of the times, but the theme was music and summer, so here we go.
Here is a dilemma: I tattooed all the people in the picture (there's also vegan tattoos! And straight edge too, under M. "suggestion"). All the tattoos are actual tattoos that I took from photos on the internet. Some of them are pieces by very good artists and original works of art, so I was struggling over the fairness of what I was doing, by incorporating them in my drawing. 
I don't remember what my thread of thoughts was, but I decided it was ok to do it. Then I thought more about it and changed my mind but it was too late. I think I will not do it again, it's not about copyrights or legal shit but more about respect for other artists original ideas. 
M. suggested that in my free time I start painting a bunch of tattoos and keep them for when they are needed. Good advice.

The papergrain texture in my illustrations is due to the fact that I don't have a scanner so I take photos of the drawing, import it and color it with photoshop. That's the result, I call it a "happy accident".
ok bye.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Friendship and Sisterhood

The most recent illustration I did for Time Out. Sex in public places, I am not too proficient on the topic. I actually freaked out because I never do backgrounds, my subjects are usually lost in a painterly limbo with no definition. I can only draw people. And hairless cats. And parts of people or parts of hairless cats. Oh and things to eat when they are sweet and vegan. Anyway, here it was pretty much all about locations but I still managed to put as little as possible.  So my friend M. from Barcelona, that I missed for about one year, just arrived and they called me for this job. We came up with a plan to get this done as fast as possible because we wanted to spend time together. Plan turns out to be: she gives me all the ideas for the six sex scenes and I draw them at the speed of sound and then we go to Atlas and get cupcakes. Honestly, the longest part in my process is to find an idea. I can spend days mumbling over the perfect sense of something and measuring the golden ratio of a concept. It's because I take everything too seriously. So it was pretty convenient to have someone smarter than me that could come up with the same result in few minutes. Thanks M., what would my life be without you? ; )
On the theme of taking everything too seriously, my other friend L. yesterday suggested me to watch the Tom Cruise video about scientology. That, he said, will teach me how wrong it is to take things too seriously and will explain me that everything is ok BUT being like Tom Cruise. I'll try that. 
Also, new website coming soon, thanks to my marvelous Jaz Harold.

Monday, May 5, 2008

sunny days of decay

So it's May again, already slipping between the fingers in a snap. Here are some May Frankenstein cats, enjoy your spring, while I spend my time spitting in people's eyes.