Tuesday, May 20, 2008

stage dives make me feel more alive

Another Time Out job....they called me up on tuesday night and needed the final by thursday morning. I am getting pretty fast, I sketched it out in couple of hours and colored it the next afternoon. I even had time to go for a walk in the park and for my yoga class! 
The commission was just about NY music shows in the summer, so of course I turned it into a HC manifesto. 
Fun fact,  people really DO stage diving over pool toys in Italy. I think it's annoying most of the times, but the theme was music and summer, so here we go.
Here is a dilemma: I tattooed all the people in the picture (there's also vegan tattoos! And straight edge too, under M. "suggestion"). All the tattoos are actual tattoos that I took from photos on the internet. Some of them are pieces by very good artists and original works of art, so I was struggling over the fairness of what I was doing, by incorporating them in my drawing. 
I don't remember what my thread of thoughts was, but I decided it was ok to do it. Then I thought more about it and changed my mind but it was too late. I think I will not do it again, it's not about copyrights or legal shit but more about respect for other artists original ideas. 
M. suggested that in my free time I start painting a bunch of tattoos and keep them for when they are needed. Good advice.

The papergrain texture in my illustrations is due to the fact that I don't have a scanner so I take photos of the drawing, import it and color it with photoshop. That's the result, I call it a "happy accident".
ok bye.

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