Sunday, February 20, 2011


so I definitely understand my blog is unbearably boring and stiff.
Here are some relatively new pictures of various forms of art I produced, from now on, im gonna try be more consistent and expand the area of interest to different topics. gonna make it a deal of using my camera more and let the world participate of my story, whether it does or does not care.
working on re-styling the blog itself, gotta make it rad for the fragile eyes of the post-modern viewer.

from below:

1: 2: cd cover artwork for Grizzly Motor Oil, check them on myspace, they are just as ignorant as I dig.
3: rejected logo for a brewery in Milan, they thought it was too hardcore, i think Milan sucks hardcore.
4: Sip, Portland finally printed out t-shirts!
5 and so on.: fresh or semi fresh tattoos. I PROMISE i will try my best to get better pictures and make my career appearing professional.

On the last note, come to the Saint Sinners opening. Follow the link.

"like a miracle or a curse"