Tuesday, May 19, 2009

tattoo pics -in the making-

tattoo #4
tattoo #5
photos from the tattoo session. i tattooed a lovely Never Again on my friend fede. she is beautiful. we did this small cursive lettering on her hips, she was chilled the all time and said i have a nice hand : )
i'll have to go back on the grey under-shadows..i was bit shy because i was not entirely sure how to mix black with water...other than that, i think it came out nice. it has good meaning too for her so i hope it will work out!
the next one was on her friend Davide who came all the way from Torino to get tattooed by me without knowing him..how cute! he was very brave too and asked me one of the flash i drew...an evil light bulb (you know, like hairy and stuff..) with the words Mala Idea...ON HIS CHEST!!! whoa
he sat down quiet and occasionally stared at my boobs while i tattooed him. he said he liked it too ; )
it was kind of a hard one because i didn't really know how to shade the inside of the bulb but i guess i'll just go back to it later and finish it up.
more coming soon


Anonymous said...

voglio un tatuaggio! per favore? xoxo

Ketch Wehr said...

cecilia! we need to make a date to talk shop, i'm training to tattoo as well! yours totally blow me out of the water, i want to pick your brain about inking and being vegan too.
i'll follow up with images of my work soon!