Thursday, May 6, 2010

new tatsss

today i tattooed my first sailor jerry design and i was very excited about it. I am happy about the way it came out, I think I did a very delicate job with the lines and shading. I previously tattooed a rose on the other forearm of Francesco, and they look very nicely together. Francesco is super nice and always a pleasure to work with, he's super chilled and trusts me completely. He works in the Fruits&Vegetables market and brought me a huge basket of asparagus and strawberries as a tip! AWESOME, uh?
The other one is the linework for the victorian bunny riding a bike on my dear friend Meaghan. We'll finish it up in June when she'll bless the Italian shores with her lovely presence.
More to come soon!


Loo Kah said...

post something new!

aleX said...

The ship is beautiful!