Saturday, September 27, 2008

how to compromise with dignity

this was an illustration i did for his week's Time Out New York. They called me up and needed the drawing for later the same day (jetlag being in the way); jewish holidays and modern ways to celebrate. The art director already had the concept planned out. How to skirt by the Jewish holidays without stepping over the line with any of the traditions. They needed a guy in a yarmulke, wearing a tallis, and playing a shofar, rocking it out like a jazz or whatever hip dude.
ok, i say. Except, i almost immediately realize, the shofar is the GODDAMN HORN OF A MURDERED ANIMAL. Oh shit. Since I cannot just draw a GODDAMN HORN OF A MURDERED ANIMAL and let it go, I had to find a solution. Solution being: I copied/pasted the PETA sticker -fake for the animals sake- over the horn.
AND, just to make sure the concept was clear, I gave the guy a patch of the J.A.V. (jewish american vegan).
Job done, everyone is happy and the message is spread.
Quickly drawn from a photo of a friend of mine while he bites his dogs ear. Substituted the dog's face with a vegan shofar. Inked with VERY cheap ink, photographed and colored in photoshop. Im pretty happy with it.


ronald p.d. brandt said...

hey, cecilia!

it's so good to see you're getting work already. you certainly deserve it, and it seems like you're still getting better and better. i'm still trying to get my hooks in, but it's been difficult since i moved out of the city. hopefully one of my postcards will land on the desk of a caring and generous art director very soon!

keep up the great work!

cherry grenade said...

hey thanks!!!! i hope you'll be lucky. it's all a matter of being insisting and annoying so they'll notice you. for good or for bad, at least they become aware of your existence! good luck!