Saturday, November 22, 2008

vegan treats

Hi. Winter comes on dance steps, Finger-shaped popsicles on the bike lane and a cup of hot coffee in my mind. I know we make good coffee in Italy, but all I want is a HUGE cup of american coffee to hold while I am walking.
There was a contest to design Vegan Treats T-shirts. I won it. I am so proud, can't wait to see the shirts. These are some of the designs that were not chosen. For the final one, you'll have to wait till it gets print it. Then go to the bakery and celebrate with an hydrogenated fabulous feast. Sweet tooth. Coming to new york next, week, so excited I can't hold myself together.

1 comment:

theriotisover said...

i hope you hold yourself together, so we can melt into cups of hot chocolate like marshmallow babies...


ps i love you, and i love nosferatu with cupcake