Friday, February 19, 2010


Here are some pics of the ispo 2010 in munich. Chiara and I worked as tattooers at the Warriors booth. We were mega busy all the time, lots of people actually agreed to get a free Warriors logo tattoo, including some of the security dudes and a 50 years random woman who was walking by. She said she was trying to give meaning to her life and has been experiencing different things she thought she would never do. She said she went skydiving last month; apparently this month's Life-purpose Jolly was a free bat tattoo.
I got to tattoo some of the best european skateboarders and I managed to stab the cutest one (rob smith, in the pics. he got the tat on the arm joint, so it flaps when he moves the arm) with the tattoo machine, when his friend crashed drunk over the table while i was working. The ispo was giving away tons of free beers so there was a time around 5pm when everyone was absolutely wasted and impossible to deal with. We had to create human barriers around the tattoo table to avoid crashes and heavy cursing from my mouth.
Due to the high level of alcoholic intake, everyone who got tattooed was bleeding like a motherfucker, while everyone else was just bleeding from various skateboarding accidents. Why does everything I do for fun involve cuts and bruises? Is my life wrong?

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meghan said...

Your life is not wrong, it is RIGHT ON.