Thursday, March 12, 2009


ok this is funny. but only if you are italian. you can otherwise still enjoy the pink dildos. it's a random graphic for friends band, veracrash. their debut album is comin out soon and it's titled 11:11. ok so, here is the fun: the italian translation for -failure- is -fallimento- if you cut the word in 2 you have two other words (it's not meant to be that way's not a composed word such as runaway). the two words you obtain are -falli- which means phalluses, and -mento- which means chin.
so i drew 4 phalluses and one chin and we noticed the phalluses also looked like 11 11, so i added the dots and now we have a double word game. i love enigmatic. go listen to veracrash now.

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Beatrice von Rague Schleyer said...

Hey! You're not doin so bad yourself! I fucking love your flash, by the way. Someone needs to apprentice you so you can draw cool shit on people all day.I'm in milan soon, april 10-24, let me know if there's anything good going on with art or music shows if you get a chance!

xx B