Friday, April 10, 2009

a bad case of feminine mystique.

here is a new painting. I understand, it's weird and different from what i usually make. but hey, what can i do?
the very first intent was to remember and recycle some of amelia's (RIP) attitude and ideas. in our first year of college she started this huge collage of porno images and then painted over it. there was some concept about feminism about the porno thing, and i though she was a genius. then she kept overpainting it and got angry and abandoned it. and i though she was funny.
i always liked that porno collage idea and wanted to replicate it. i figured out what i wanted to paint over, before i started it, so i wouldn't get angry and abandon it as well.
Im not sure I really want to talk about what's going on, because the main thing was the amelia's tribute.
i'll just say what's in there and you decide what it means.
There is a young lady nervously stretching her shirt. she has her period and I know exactly why she does so, but i won't tell you.
she is holding an evil iron, because sometimes it happens and it's hard to deal with it.
there is a burning suburban house.
there are chemtrails in the sky. I know my friend L. will complain or at least make some sort of philosophical or socio-political observation here, but he won't get me in trouble. honestly, the matter is simple. whether chemtrails are a legitimate concern or not, whether it's poison to make us bleed or herbal essences to please our senses, these trails of clouds are up in the sky now and if they are there, they can also be in my painting, because it's the only place where I can decide if I want chemtrails or not. apparently, i do.
there are porno girls sucking and licking and taking a range of bright pink cocks.
there are some dracula stamps.
maybe i'll write more about this when i figure out what the fuck i was thinking, other than Amelia.

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