Monday, April 27, 2009

COX 18!!

a poster i did for a benefit show at cox18. cox18 is an historical squat in the navigli area, milan. it always hosted amazing punk, rock'n'roll, funk and jazz shows, movie nights, art and comics happenings, lectures and shit, together with a splendid library on political issues, donated by primo moroni at his trespass. intellectuals such philp dick and hakim bey had events there.
this winter the police shut it down in one day, everyone in milan gathered and started a strong protest that went on in the streets until the squatters...took it back!
the major had plans to make that area a fancy clean boring area for people to spend money in useless shit but apparently it didn't work out. RESIST!
my friends veracrash and fuckvegas are playing, will be fun. the skeleton in the picture is our beloved mayor, miss letizia moratti shitface. she has orange hair, for real.

"The dirts gonna be your dessert
My cum be your life source
And the only way to get it
Is to suck or fuck
Or be poor and devoid
And masturbate me, masturbate me


cheap pain said...

I like the illustration on this a lot, the writing could be a little more engaging. also, mayor.

cherry grenade said...

ah thanx for the english lesson, sir