Tuesday, April 29, 2008

the endless monologue

Here are some small illustrations I did for Time Out New York about a month ago.  It was my 
first commissioned editorial job and I kinda stressed out because I was not used to work fast
and with a deadline that cannot be broke. I sketched them out, inked, photographed (I have NOT a scanner, dammit) threw in photoshop and applied colors (after waking up my roommate 
and her boyfriend at 7am to pose for me). I was a bit nervous because digital coloring is not really my thing and I felt like I hadn't enough confidence with it to feel entirely comfortable. When I paint, I know that I know how to fix something if it goes wrong, while with photoshop I had to experiment, with the pressure of a deadline. It came out nice. These were the two spots illustrations, there was also a full page one that I am not uploading for unknown reasons. 
The story was about the secret identities of new yorkers, sort of a doctor jeckyll and mr. hyde kind of thing....a female lawyer that go-go dances at night, a pot-head doctor and a polite husband with an addiction for sexy massages.
I just finished working this morning on another piece for Time Out, coming out next week. Check it out.  Is there anybody out there anyway? 


Stephanie Buscema said...

Congrats on the job! These look fabulous. I can't wait to see more xo

thomas pitilli said...

Steph told me about the new Time Out gig, looking forward to seeing them!