Friday, April 11, 2008

New York Press

Here is an illustration I recently did for NewYorkPress. I painted it in acrylic, photographed it and sent it. The deadline was tight, couple of days but I managed to get thru without loosing my mind.
I was fueled by a shameful amount of vegan brownies from Vegan Treats. 
It was actually kind of funny because after I sent the first series of sketches, the art director told me that she REALLY liked them but if I could manage to make some changes. Very specifically, she gave me a 7 points list of things to change (the last one add a horse in the background! ahah), that RADICALLY twisted my entire composition, characters and whatsoever, leaving nothing of the original concept. Im not sure what she liked, but she ended up being right...this version works better than the original one. 
It is based on an article written by this folk singer from brooklyn, Mishka Shubaly, about how he successfully half-baked his brain on this new prescription drug that gave him nightmares, weird visions and some sort of reality-shakes...
the descriptions of the experience was beautiful though..

Fuck drugs, keep your eyes open and your mind steady. 

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